EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) is a robot that comes to Earth to find signs of life to for the people on the Axiom. But instead, she finds WALL-E, a Robot sent to clean up earth while the humans stayed on the Axiom. EVE and WALL-E quickly fall in Robot-love.


But within the time of their love, WALL-E shows EVE a plant, which is a sign of life, finding one was her mission! EVE quickly takes the plant and goes into a sleep mode. After a turn of events, the people of the Axiom come to live back on Earth, and they couldn't have done it without EVE or WALL-E.


One day a Robot named EVE finds WALL-E. WALL-E shows EVE a Plant he found from cleaning t

EVE looking for signs of life on Earth

he planet. EVE takes the Plant and shuts down. A couple days later a ship comes down to retreive EVE and the Plant.EVE is going to be tooken to the Axiom to show the Plant to the Earthlings.WALL-E races to the ship to get EVE back.WALL-E gets a good grip of the ship.The ship launches into space when WALL-E is hanging onto it.WALL-E and EVE are in Space. WALL-E looks into a window and sees EVE alongside more EVEs in sleep mode.

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